In recent years, the Japanese Red Cross has promoted blood donation campaigns, allying itself with franchises related to manga and anime. On this occasion, the new campaign image is Hana Uzaki , from the series Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Those who donate during the month of October will receive a postcard of the character.

However, the series has had endless controversy on social networks. This, due to the character Uzaki and her “ excessive ” breast size, which is pointed out by the same author by dressing her in a t-shirt with the legend “ sugoi dekai ”, a Japanese expression for “ incredibly huge ”.

That is, at the time of announcing the Red Cross’ alliance with the series, this decision was questioned by different users, arguing whether the work is appropriate to be used by a globally respectable organization.

This is not the first time the organization has been confronted, they previously partnered with the Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue franchise , an erotic romance game.

Whether these decisions may offend many people, it is undeniable that the organization seeks to satisfy the otaku tastes of Japanese people by using such works. However, Twitter user @_and_you5 dug into the requirements for donating blood, and found a compelling reason to continue advertising aimed at the otaku community.

献血ポスターにオタク向けの絵が多い件、オタクは献血に必要な条件である「 過去6ヶ月間??社の残虐性を感じてしまったな— 噛む噛む (@and_you5) 

October 15, 2019

There are many otaku advertisements for donating blood, I realized that otakus meet a condition to be blood donors: “The donor has not had sexual relations with a new partner in the last six months . ” When you realize it, you feel the cruelty of the company. 

And indeed, when reviewing the official website of the Red Cross in Japan , it indicates that people who have had sexual relations with a new partner in the last six months cannot donate blood. This fact made the @_and_you5 theory more valid.

In conclusion. Although the stereotype that anime and manga fans do not have a love life has faded over time, this is a curious way to see why many franchises are used to raise awareness about blood donation. 

Coincidence? I doubt it.Source:  


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