With the enormous popularity of Kimetsu no Yaiba , not only in Japan but in the world, it is not surprising that there are people wanting to participate in the profits of this series, even if it is illegal . In particular, the last week of September came with two curious stories .

The first was reported by The Mainichi newspaper . According to reports, 8 men were arrested on suspicion of selling counterfeit figures from the franchise. The operation was carried out by the police of Kyoto, Hyogo and Akita prefectures.

The case is the first of its kind linked to 

Demon Slayer . Sales were allegedly 

made online in the first half of 2020, with the specific knowledge that the collectibles were unauthorized reproductions. The popularity of the pieces derives from their 

difficulty in obtaining . It is estimated that the 

profits obtained are around $550 US dollars .Although the individuals did not operate jointly, several reportedly  

acquired the figures from the Alibaba website . 4 of them 

accepted the charges.

The second story comes from Mori no Onsen, in the city of Yamaguchi, where 

the first 20 volumes of the printed version of 

Kimetsu no Yaiba have apparently been “lost . ” As incredible as it may seem, this is not the first time something similar has happened… 

Read more .The employees of this thermal bathhouse were surprised to find a large empty space on one of the shelves in their break room, a place where customers can sit and read 

manga and relax.However, 

they decided not to notify the Law and content themselves with commenting on the situation through Twitter. Of course, 

they requested that the person responsible return the books , and offered him the benefit of the doubt.The manga volumes of 

Kimetsu no Yaiba , published in Spanish by Editorial Panini, can be found in stock at 

Tienda Panini Cuautitlán , Tienda Panini Lomas Verdes  and 

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Source: The Mainichi and @onsen_mori

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