ATSUGI , a company that manufactures and distributes tights in Japan , made the decision to cancel its most recent advertising campaign , after the controversy it caused with the use of certain anime illustrations .

To create this material, the company collaborated with various artists , several of them with ecchi or hentai works in their portfolio. For this reason, some of the images began to be questioned.

The complaints, expressed through Twitter, argue that the advertising is clearly imagined from the male point of view, so that 

women are presented as objects of sexual desire .

As a counterargument, some have pointed out that both ATSUGI’s social networks and the campaign itself are managed by women. Others, like 

cosplayer Chamomile (@chamomi017), 

spoke in favor .However, the company decided to end the collaboration, for which 

some of the artists offered their apologies , saying that their lack of competition was the cause of the failure.Also outside of Japan, the treatment that anime and 

manga give to certain themes, settings and characters has caused more and more discomfort. For example, recently, the Australian government banned the import of adult items… 

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Source:  Vozabianime

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