The latest film from 

Your Name (Kimi no na wa)  director 

Makoto Shinkai takes on beautiful edible form in Tokyo and Osaka.

There’s a lot to like about Makoto Shinkai ‘s films , from their emotionally charged stories to their memorable soundtracks. But really, you can’t talk about Shinkai ‘s work without talking about how visually beautiful he is, thanks to the director’s incredible ability to create immensely detailed and vivid environments for his art to unfold.

So if you were planning on making a themed cafe for Shinkai’s latest film , Tenki no Ko , the food has to look amazing and luckily the minds behind Tenki no Ko Cafe have that in front of them.

Without giving away much of the plot, Tenki no Ko focuses on two teenagers: Hina , a girl who can control the weather, and Hodaka , a runaway from rural Japan who ends up in Tokyo. The sky and clouds are a constant visual and symbolic motif throughout the film, and the Secret Of The Acai Bowl , featuring yogurt and kiwi, recreates one of the film’s most memorable moments, when a world above is revealed. From the clouds.

Meanwhile, beneath the clouds is shaded matcha in The Sun is Coming Out Tiramisu , a green tea tiramisu placed beneath a cotton candy cloud with “sunshine sauce” on the side.

If you’re looking for something more nutritious than desserts, the main dishes available include 

Teruteru Rice Omelet , shaped like 

teruteru bozu dolls that people in Japan have been making for generations as amulets to ward off rainy weather, and which becomes the mascot of the climate control business that Hina and Hodaka start.

Other dishes recreate specific foods seen on screen in 

Tenki no Ko , such as the 

Potato Chip Fried Rice that Hina cooks for Hodaka, the welcome dinner hosted by Hodaka’s co-workers when he gets his first work in Tokyo, 

“Best Dinner I’ve Ever Had in My Life”, which refers to the free burger that Hina slides to Hodaka when she’s on edge.

Still, it’s the sweets that steal the show, like the 

Teruteru Bozu a la Mode fruit pudding.

The drinks are also a feast for the eyes, with the 

Whirlwind Cloud Whipped Latte looking like a mug of 

Shinkai ‘s signature skies …

…More cotton candy clouds in the forecast for 

Fruit Soda with a cameo from Ame the cat…

…And the alluring deep blue of 

Skyfish Soda and its panna cotta jelly.

As is common in anime-themed cafes, each drink order gives you a random coaster with character illustrations…

…And there’s also an attached gift shop selling a selection of unique items such as smartphone cases, notepads and, appropriately, umbrellas.

The Tenki no Ko cafe will be operating in two locations, one in Tokyo and the other in Osaka, the Tokyo branch opens on October 8, while the Osaka cafe opens on October 10. Both will be open until November 17. Reservations can be made through the cafe’s official website (Tokyo here , Osaka here )

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